Friday, March 21, 2008

Voile, the Magic Library

Actually Baroque, the Prague Library... with Patchouli Knowledge, the magically anemic youkai librarian. Can you spot my subtle doctoring in this image?

Thought I'd use this to try my hand at some image manipulation. In the end though, even though I fiddled with lots of things (extra shadowing, ambient blue tint, reduced saturation, noise) to try to make her look properly integrated, at a basic level she just didn't fit so I just gave up and made her look half-integrated, half-decent looking.

On the one hand, her outline is a bit too thick, and I didn't light her quite properly (should be less backlit and more ambient)... on the other hand, the original photo had a lot more noise in it than I realised (since the room was really dark), and was pretty grey too. I couldn't even do any filters like "watercolour" since that exaggerated the problems.

Not really sure what I could do to fix this... maybe do a sphere or cylinder as a test for how the lighting should go? Maybe it's plain easier to do with a better photo...