Saturday, April 19, 2008

Monster Hunter art contest 8

One more character sheet.

This guy is a gunner, but he doesn't have his weapon with him in the image. This is impossible. So I guess I need to decide on a gun.... probably will go with a light bowgun of some sort.

Monster Hunter art contest 7

I forgot to choose armour for one of the characters... and it was unexpectedly hard to choose waist and leg pieces that matched the upper body pieces.

I think it worked out okay in the end though?

Monster Hunter art contest 6

Extra post to celebrate my scanner working properly again!

Apparently using the right driver helps...

Also, cats!

Monster Hunter art contest 5

Oops missed my post for the 18th...

This time it's a look at how I was developed the scene and background elements. Actually this just looks more like generic middle-ages fantasy rather than Monster Hunter in particular, but oh well.

I didn't use any of these, but you'll get to see what I ended up doing soon enough :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Monster Hunter art contest 4

More cats :)

... I think my scanner is dying.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Alt Reisen

lol regular posting

This arose from a terrible pun someone made about "Alt Eisen" from SRW and "Reisen" from Touhou. Wasn't terribly high-effort, and looks ok for it, although it took FOREVER anyway.

This is also the first lineart I've done in PaintTool SAI - usually I can't be bothered with picking up new software, but Photoshop's lineart was bugging me for a long time, and SAI is pretty awesome (and uses shortcuts which are almost identical to Photoshop).

Monster Hunter art contest 3

Cats! Nevar forget!

Now this is one of the things I love about Monster Hunter... it's a game where this kind of situation wouldn't be unusual in the least.
There's just something awesome about a game with such a serious tone having this kind of humor in it too.

I definitely can't forget to represent this aspect of MH in my composition.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Monster Hunter art contest 2

Another character sheet.

I chose mostly silver and grey coloured armour pieces to match the Silver Rook gunlance. Also since the Silver Rook is practically an end-game weapon, most of the armour pieces are pretty high-level as well.

Ah I just realized that forgot about the cats :O

Monster Hunter art contest 1

Monster Hunter Portable 2G is out!

Well actually it's been out for a month now... but I only managed to get my copy recently :(

So now I'm working on an entry for the art contest they're holding to celebrate the release.
This is one of several characters I'm going to have in my image... it's too boring to just have full armour sets, so I'm mixing things up. I'm making character sheets like this one as references for the final image.

I'll post the sheets over the next few days so it looks like I'm not actually taking a billion years to finish the final image.