Saturday, March 1, 2008

Not Indy and Not the waitress at Salad King

He started off as a Yakuza boss type guy, and then slowly turned into an Indiana Jones type character, and then due to external interference ended up a bit hispanic...

The other character started off with the hair of a waitress at a restaurant I was at, and then went off in a different direction too.

I put them together because they both have a sorta lopsided Harrison Ford smile.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Usa Miko Reimu (v0.55)

Double post combo bonus!

90 more minutes sunk into this... really need to start earlier so I don't take a week to do 1 pic. It looks nice though...

I should point out, the hand pose is blatantly stolen from a promo video for "Sweetie Pie 3" (00:18) that I had at random, so I could practice hands a bit. Sadly I'm totally not capable of such structurally-believable hands normally :(

Also I suddenly remembered this image I saw last week... subconscious theft? ;_; I didn't INTEND to imitate it, but if I weren't me I'd be suspicious. (Fortunately I am me.)

That's the last of the stealing though. I didn't directly steal any other details... I think.

Colours tomorrow once I find somewhere to steal them from.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Usa Miko Reimu (v0.5)

There's lots of "neko miko Reimu" (ie. with cat ears), so I did a bunnygirl one at random. I think it's coming out cute... lots of mistakes to be fixed though.

I should maybe choose subjects I can do in the hour or 2 I leave for drawing... but if I did that then I wouldn't learn anything? I certainly need to speed up though.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kee-A-Kee-Ka-Sa-Coo-Way, Man Who Gives the War Whoop

Here is an image of Kee-A-Kee-Ka-Coo-Way anime style... sort of. This is from a famous painting of a Canadian painter Paul Kane.  I have a series of Paul Kane's portraits of aborignal art that I'll upload this week.

Crouching Tiger, (partially) Hidden Girl

The title just about explains it I guess.

I think I'll try a quick paintover with this one later.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Train and Perspective-er

And colour'd. did this take an hour? :O

Train and Perspective

Doing extreme perspective like this is pretty fun.
And I really do prefer long hair. :p

Clean and colour'd tonight.

Short cut

Normally I prefer longer hair, but I guess short can be cute too sometimes...