Friday, October 3, 2008

Dorothy's on a roll

What is this place :O

It's been a while. This time it's fanart for a DS RPG called RIZ-ZOAWD. Based on The Wizard of Oz, the game's main gimmick is a virtual trackball used for character movement which I found to be quite charming. So here is the main character, "Doroshi", on said trackball.

This is the game's site:

It's in Japanese, but the headings are in English so it's easy to navigate. You can find a trailer featuring gameplay under the "Special" heading.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Random mecha - Gaiking

Daikuu Maryuu Gaiking. I loved this, back in the day (it was the only actual mecha show I saw as a kid)... the remake is pretty awesome too, keeping the original designs and adding a lot of stuff.

I liked this picture as I was doing it, but as usual, after I finished I realised that the perspective kind of petered out suddenly. I sketched it properly, but the head was just a doodle and I went off on a tangent when I drew it... if I just sized it down and angled it back a bit it might pass, but its not worthwhile. Still, really gotta break that bad habit...

Monday, September 29, 2008

Random mecha - Gespenst


About time I did something from SRW. I like the head, but I made my usual mistake of a) drawing everything without sketching it and b) doing so while zoomed in too much, so... fat Gespenst. The arm is a bit lame too. I could have repaired it easily enough, but really, its not worth rescuing.

I like the design of it, but it seriously sucks ingame... it gets given to your crappy pilots, it's stats are bad anyway, it has rubbish movement, can't fly, and since it's a deathtrap you're not going to give it any good weapons. Even the specialised versions are lame compared to pretty much anything else you have... which is a pity because mass-produced units make a nice change from "everything is the ultimate robot" designs.