Saturday, September 10, 2011

MHP3 Lancer

Continuing with my MHP3 binge.  I'll probably do at least one sketch for each weapon type.  Here's the one minute rough sketch with a mouse in paint.  She looks kinda SD, maybe I'll do her in SD style for fun.  Although I should probably try to keep my style consistent if I want to improve.. Better version after dinner!
Trying to swap to Gimp since apparently Paint Tool Sai isn't free and shuts down in 31 days (29 now!).  Having to learn the new interface sucked but I think I understand it now.  Took a while thou =p.  Also lance armor is pretty complicated so it took me a bit to get it sketched out in a way that I liked.  The Alateron lance itself was also annoying, trying to get those spikes to look right.  But anyway heres the completed rough sketch.  

Well it took a while but I finished coloring the armor.  Now its just the lance itself.  I also changed a bunch of the proportions around and cleaned it up some more.  Almost done now!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Leia armour?

No relation to the Star Wars princess.

In the Japanese games, Rathian is called Rioreia, which is further shortened to just Reia.

Another old drawing that I was finishing up...

MHP3 Jhen Bow Set

"Rough" version of my Jhen Bow Set lol.  MS Paint with a crappy mouse and 2 minutes during lunch break.  I'll clean it up and do a real version after dinner.

Cleaned version with armor details.  Wow Jhen armor is more complicated than I remember..

Decided to go with the gold ian bow cause I think it looks the best/most bow-like, and ditched the cat.

Here's the finished drawing!  Might add the cat back in later.  I know you are all in awe of how awesome that cat is. 

Huzzah for the Air Brush Tool!  Definitely gonna be using that more often. XD  Reposted as a png instead of a jpeg so less blurry this time. Background info: Helm is Load Up Piercing, chest, gloves, legs, and waste are all high rank Jhen.  I drew it with the Gold Rathian Bow.  Gives Focus, Load Up, Pierce Shot Up, and Reckless Abandon +3 (with a + RA charm).

Thursday, September 8, 2011

MHP3 Magical HH v2

Cleaned it up a bit and redid the proportions.  Looks much better than the old version imo =p.  It's alot easier to draw when you're not half asleep and can erase stuff.   I'll do the wings in more detail and maybe add color tomorrow.
And heres the completed drawing! 

Done in Paint Tool Sai as per Hawk's suggestion.  I colored the "rainbow" parts on separate layers and applied varying hue changes to get the frames for the animation (compiled in Gale).   Now in delicious magical rainbowy goodness!  This is basically what my MHP3 char looks like in this setup. :D  

Background info: High Rank Bug Helm, Butterfly Chest, Naru U Gloves, Guild Waist, and Guild Boots  (All full rainbow effect) with the Magical Wand HH (I forget what its really called, but its Dragon element and basically only has Healing Songs =p).  Gemmed for Flute, Force Out (shiny blue fist for extra magicaliness), and Perception.  So its a cool looking joke set. XD

Lets doooo this!

Whoops... looks like I've been away for a bit too long. But I can't let the new guy revive the blog all by himself, so here's something I've been working on.

.... Actually this is a pretty old drawing. I cropped it because the bottom part is so sad I stopped working on it for a year and a half.

Well, the time for excuses has come to an end... now its time to get drawing!

Random MHP3 sketch and fail @ using Corel Painter

I don't understand Corel Painter at all.  Why does the eraser function not work...  shouldn't it just be select it then left click to erase?  Obviously I'm doing something wrong, or the user interface is all sorts of stupid, or I need sleep.  Or all three.  I also made the mistake of drawing using the Pencil function so the lines turned out too fat and without a working eraser I pretty much gave up in frustration halfway.  I think its time to swap to Gimp or Photoshop or back to Paint/Gale =p.  Or get some sleep.
My attempt at sketching my Magical Girl Hunting Horn set from MHP3.  All the armor pieces get full rainbow effect for maximum magical sparkliness!  And the HH itself does dragon damage and pretty much only has healing songs. =p  Gave up half way due to technical difficulties so I gave up on details and just did a really rough outline.  I'll export it to some other drawing program and finish/clean it up tomorrow I guess.  At least the tablet seems to work well.

Random Sprite #2!

Another sprite, drawn in MS Paint.  I saved it as a bmp by accident and it did some weird coloring effect on the random details I had on the dress.  Oh well.  Female melee character this time.  I'll probably make a bigger/more detailed version later once I decide on the clothing. Chinese dress is nice but it could be annoying to animate later.  Also I think her butt looks too big and her hair is too spiky.. I should also probably learn how to use this Corel Painter thing instead of just working from MS Paint.  =p  Layers and the ability to undo more than 10 steps sounds nice...

Random Sprite #1

Time to get some use out of this new Bamboo tablet now that Hawk configured it properly for me =p.

Haven't done anything art-y in years but I guess its as good as time as any to start practicing again. 

I've been playing around on Gale making sprites recently so I guess I'll post some of those first. 

Still working on the animation (hair/face) and details.  Also I can't tell if this will let me upload animated gifs... Ok apparently you can but you have to click on them.  ..Or not! (reposted with "original size" option)

Anyway this was a character in a game I was making before I got distracted.  I kept the clothes simple cause I wanted to work more on animation and less on details, and because I suck at clothes designs =p.  Made this before I got the tablet so hopefully things will be quicker now.  I wanted to do a male character because a) I generally don't draw people and b) when I do I rarely draw male characters.  So good practice all around.