Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sword guy

Couldn't think of stuff to draw, so I went for "something I don't draw very often", and the first thing that came to mind was "men". This is probably the first guy I've ever seriously drawn, ignoring doodles. I guess he's reasonably correct (in terms of manly structure and proportions), although I was intending to have more personality in the pose, Guilty Gear or JoJo style, but it didn't materialise in the end...

His sword is apparently made by the Generic Props Company Ltd. It's japanese but totally straight, so he must be a ninja. The hilt is only big enough for one hand, even though the sword is enormous, so it must be made of space-age materials too. Also note how he wouldn't even be able to draw it, even though it's not strapped down or anything, so he's just wearing it as a declaration of his badassery to any would-be attackers. So much information just from observation!

1 comment:

Isaque said...

Of course, only really intelligent and observant people would notice that.

And since there aren't too many thugs or lackeys like that, he'll pretty much have it easy until he gets to the boss! I don't think that's too bad... until the part where he'll have to ask for time to take his sword off his back to get it out of the sheath.

For more style you just need to exaggerate. As it is now, he just looks like a guy who sorta doesn't care, and not a crazy guy (GG) or a guy who just SUPER REALLY DOESN'T CARE (JoJo)