Friday, February 29, 2008

Usa Miko Reimu (v0.55)

Double post combo bonus!

90 more minutes sunk into this... really need to start earlier so I don't take a week to do 1 pic. It looks nice though...

I should point out, the hand pose is blatantly stolen from a promo video for "Sweetie Pie 3" (00:18) that I had at random, so I could practice hands a bit. Sadly I'm totally not capable of such structurally-believable hands normally :(

Also I suddenly remembered this image I saw last week... subconscious theft? ;_; I didn't INTEND to imitate it, but if I weren't me I'd be suspicious. (Fortunately I am me.)

That's the last of the stealing though. I didn't directly steal any other details... I think.

Colours tomorrow once I find somewhere to steal them from.


Isaque said...

Hmm I think its rather different than the tsuchan one... much happier looking. And I definitely prefer the much happier looking look!

JUNK said...

Yeah, I didn't mean that it was copied... just that it wasn't as 'random' an idea as I'd thought. You can't deny that it's the same pose ^^;

I'd rather go play at the park. said...

Us industry folk refer to stealing as "wiping"

Nice art, Hawk =p