Thursday, March 6, 2008

Random panels

I've tried comics once or twice, but I always found it pretty hard to lay out what I was trying to show, so I thought I'd get some practice.

I need to pay more attention when reading comics, since I found there were a bunch of expressions I couldn't remember well enough to draw (should I be inventing expressions myself then?). Also need to pay more attention to clothes and haircuts, almost everyone is wearing "acme t-shirts". Didn't take too long though. Might look decent enough for a lazy comic if I didn't totally skip blocking it out.

There's no rhyme or reason to these by the way, I just drew some boxes and plucked random things out of the air to fill them with. But why not make up your own story? (since you must have lots of free time to bother reading this far~)


Isaque said...

I really like the top right panel. That sparkly-eyes with slight drool expression is just gold.

But I noticed you did your neck-coming-out-of-the-chin thing again :(

JUNK said...

What thing :/ People's necks come out from under their chin.