Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Alt Reisen

lol regular posting

This arose from a terrible pun someone made about "Alt Eisen" from SRW and "Reisen" from Touhou. Wasn't terribly high-effort, and looks ok for it, although it took FOREVER anyway.

This is also the first lineart I've done in PaintTool SAI - usually I can't be bothered with picking up new software, but Photoshop's lineart was bugging me for a long time, and SAI is pretty awesome (and uses shortcuts which are almost identical to Photoshop).


Isaque said...

Terrible pun is terrible.

So how exactly is this SAI thing gooder at line art?

JUNK said...

Basically, Photoshop isn't very granular - if you ask for a 3 pixel line, you either get a fuzzy one or a solid one. SAI has conveniently placed sliders for everything, and they're pretty effective. It also has a LOT more variations of brush modes, all with a fair amount of control. Also, effective input smoothing (with sliders again) which helps my shakyhands, and that canvas-rotation thing, and etc.

Photoshop is better for fancy stuff, and I think I still prefer it for colouring, but SAI can really do much better lineart.