Friday, April 25, 2008

Show me your moves!

Mrr... It's been like three months since I last posted... (Morrigan's sword way back then was based on Alastor from Devil May Cry, by the way. Yeah, it was a bit off...)

Last weekend, a few days before a friend's birthday, I told her I hadn't drawn anything recently and asked her what I should draw. She said "Captain Falcon FALCON PAUNCHing Peach!" which was soon more specified to him punching her while she's doing her la la la thing (one of her taunts in Super Smash Bros. Brawl).

A bit after I asked for background ideas. "Mcdonalds or a KK Rider concert!"
I don't know if either suggestion was supposed to be serious, given she was surprised when I actually did go with McDonald's... =p


silpheed-tandy said...

oo, I love the texture-y effect, especially on the stones in the floor!

Ninjha said...

very cool! nicely done