Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Random mecha - Aestivalis

An Aestivalis. Wasn't coming out as I wanted it to, so I just did a quick + dirty colour job and left it. I'm kinda rubbish at mecha heads - much like drawing a human head, if you mess up the positioning or spacing of elements, it ends up with a kind of "inbred" feeling to it. The body's ok, perspective is kinda ok, but neither are what I was originally going for.

Heh, just as I'm typing this, "The Aestivalis March" started playing on my playlist.

I hardly draw any mecha stuff because it takes me so long, so I'm going to spend a while doing some doodle-quality stuff (but more of it).


Isaque said...


someone is posting.

Isaque said...

The lineart is pretty decent... going to shade it?