Friday, September 19, 2008

TFA mosaic comics

Here is something I did for Transformers Mosaic. Created in the IDW forums. Its a fan made comic in TF fandom. One of the things I like about doing these 1 page comics is that it helps get your name out there. Eventually people will recognize your name, if you do enough of these. I know you guys are super talented, so if any of you guys have time, I have some scripts. Send me an msg! 


JUNK said...

Haven't seen the new Transformers at all so I can't really join in...

This is an awesome comic though :D Do more!

Ninjha said...

you don't have to watch the new series. Just put in your own artistic spin to it. Check out the others that were done.
With your drawing style I'm sure it would be a hit! Let me know what all of you think. I would love to write a script.