Friday, October 3, 2008

Dorothy's on a roll

What is this place :O

It's been a while. This time it's fanart for a DS RPG called RIZ-ZOAWD. Based on The Wizard of Oz, the game's main gimmick is a virtual trackball used for character movement which I found to be quite charming. So here is the main character, "Doroshi", on said trackball.

This is the game's site:

It's in Japanese, but the headings are in English so it's easy to navigate. You can find a trailer featuring gameplay under the "Special" heading.


George said...

Woah good job :P

looks like the original chr.

KIYO said...

hontoda! It really looks like the original character... do you think the game is fun, btw?

Naoki said...

it's high quality!
though, i don't know this game, looks fun.

JUNK said...

Finally saw the trailer... this game looks like "Dorothy the Hedgehog".

Awesome pic~

Gorrozolla said...

I dont know that game, but that is really sweet!

George said...