Wednesday, January 16, 2008

All roads lead to Segway?!

In Ontario they've started a Segway pilot project to see how the devices will affect pedestrian safety.

According to the legislation during the pilot only "individuals aged 14 and older with a disability that impairs their mobility, Canada Post employees delivering mail door-to-door and police officers will be able to use Segways on public sidewalks and roads."

I can't wait to see police Segways.

Also, a realization: I don't know what a horse looks like.


Anonymous said...

are segways that popular? dang... they got some police kinda things in the airport. not segways tho, how ug onna catch criminals with em

Isaque said...

I heard they can go faster than running speed... But for some reason a chase like that just seems really hilarious in my head.

Anonymous said...

If being chased by a police officer on a Segway:

Throw a brick at his scooter. It will force him to dismount and chase you the hard way, on foot.

Theomnifish said...

Cool sir, it is the artblog that I heard about from Bao's blog! It looks pretty cool. :) I never knew Segways could be so beast.