Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Go People, day 1

Recently I've gotten into a situation where I get to commute.

It's a good opportunity to get access to some unsuspecting live models.
So I'll be doing this while I have the chance :)

BTW, there wasn't really an elf riding on public transportation.


JUNK said...

So where DID you see this elf? :p

I like not having a long commute, but I still wish I could sit and do something useful / relaxing like that while I am commuting (since I'm driving myself).

Tha Ninjha said...

Thats a great way to practice. It takes a lot of disipline to draw everywhere you go. What a great way to get ideas for characters!

silpheed-tandy said...

i like seeing all this very technical-exercise art kind of stuff!

Johnny Rodgers said...

those are really strong Isaaq. takes a lot of skill!