Monday, January 7, 2008

A new year and a new blog

It's a bit late, but Happy New Year!

To start off this artblog, here's a piece of new years art. It's a Japanese new year's postcard called a "nengajou". If you're a Monster Hunter player, you might recognize this situation. If you're not, you better start playing it coz you're really missing out.

The red text says Jouzuni Akemashita which is a mix of:
  • Jouzuni Yakemashita ("well cooked!" from when you successfully cook meat in Monster Hunter)
  • Akemashite Omedetou (congratulations on opening [the new year])
The blue text basically says "let's get along this year too"

This blog is meant to help us exercise our art muscle. Theoretically there will be at least one piece of art posted here every day from now on. By posting some art every day we can improve our skill, show off our work, and keep an archive of our progress.

If you want to get involved, just drop me a line. The more the merrier, probably!

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きよ said...

Akeome- Kotoyoro-.
Are you sure to write blogs every day?! Let's see how it goes... lol