Wednesday, January 9, 2008

You got boost power!

Another one of my favorite games, F-Zero.
It looks like a racing game, but it's really not.

It's a fighting game.

A fighting game where you brawl with superheroes and bounty hunters in futuristic machines, while whipping around a track at speeds over 1200kph. Some people try to play it like a racing game, and sure they can get first place... but that's missing the point. What you really need is 29 skulls, one for each opponent you take out. That's how you really win at F-Zero.

Featured is my favourite machine, the Fire Stingray, piloted by Samurai Goroh. Somehow it's slight oversteer and resulting drift fits perfectly with my driving style.
To the left is the Blue Falcon, piloted by none other than Goroh's eternal rival: Captain Falcon.

I'm looking forward to what the Wii has to bring to the future of F-Zero.
...and still waiting on that F-Zero DS :(


Ninjia said...

You show that Falcon who gets boost power!

Kidchuckle said...

Oooh nice one on the colours for that! nice bounce light.