Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy New Year

Meh. I've been lazy recently...

Happy New Year, with Alice, along with a winter costume redesign.

I should stop drawing so much Touhou stuff, but its so much easier than learning things I can't do already~ Also its utterly freezing here, and I felt like drawing someone who was warm, and in warm colours.

I dunno if I like this or not... I like the composition, and the colour choices generally, but her face is funky somehow and as usual I don't like the contrast between the light and dark hair, there's too much of a dividing line there. Also it took way too long, but then thats what comes from being lazy so long.

The BG is a cop-out, but it still works fine somehow?

1 comment:

Isaque said...

I like the colours... The background looks nice and flying in the clouds-y.