Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I'm trying out the software called Paint Tool Sai. Junk usually uses it for his lineart, so it would only be appropriate to take it for a test drive by drawing some Touhou fanart!

I've never actually played any of the games before though... but the music is nice!
This character is "Yuyuko". She's a ghost, but she doesn't let that stop her from being very cute! How exactly is she cute?


JUNK said...


Yeah, Sai does good lineart. Better than I can get out of Photoshop anyway.

Also thats the first time I've seen that video translated... its a lot more amusing than the stuff I was filling in with :p

Isaque said...

Actually that version has some really weird translations at some parts... makes me wonder if they actually translated the Japanese, or just referenced one that was translated into another language.