Sunday, January 18, 2009

Monster Hunter

Lazy 4koma...

I was coereced into introduced to Monster Hunter Freedom 2 by Isaque. Its a good game, especially the feeling that you're in a real "world", hunting monsters which live there, rather than just existing as enemies. I'm not so fond of the initial experience though... you're dropped into your village, and told to go do the tutorials before you start for real. It has several hours of tutorials, introducing everything in the game. I got bored halfway through and decided to go play some real missions, so I went to the village chief, who told me there were single-player missions in the guild hall.

It was true. There were missions marked "single player" in the guild hall. All of which were impossible.

Turns out that the guild's single player levels are just the multiplayer levels without a lobby. The old lady has the real singleplayer levels. Bitch.


Ambrose said...

Ha ha, how cute.

Back to nightmare!

Isaque said...

I likes!! Looks really good :)

Also it's funnier because I'm the person on the right :p

kidchuckle said...

havn't played the game... but i can relate! funny