Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Sword That Cuts Anything

Another Touhou/MH crossover.
In Monster Hunter, parts of monster can be broken or cut off. But annoyingly, only a few predetermined parts can be damaged, in the interest of maintaining gameplay.
In Touhou, Youmu's blade can apparently cut anything.
No doubt there will be trouble if the two are brought together.


JUNK said...

Technically its the "sword for which the number of things it cannot cut are next to none", which doesn't flow too well... I guess "sword that cuts anything" was already copyrighted or something.

Also it can apparently cut 10 ghosts at once. That's much better than a sword that can only cut 9 ghosts!

JUNK said...

I forgot to mention the pic. Its a nice pic!

Alas, I will never ever see that guy. Damn you, bulldrome! *shakes fist* I'll get you next time!

Isaque said...

Actually this monster isn't even in the version you're playing lololol.