Saturday, May 31, 2008

SD Trash Compactor

Phew, this one took a while.

But I think it was worth it... maybe?
Oh yeah, I saw Speed Racer a few days ago, and it was totally awesome. I cried a few times because it was so awesome.
It was a true RACING movie. I think they tried to have a plot or something, but mostly it was about racing, and in that regard it was beautiful.
Also, when trying to guess who the movie was targetted at through the pre-movie adverts, they showed a YTV spot (kids TV channel) followed by a lingere spot. I thought it was pretty odd, but my friend figured it out: the ads were aimed at kids who came for the movie, and the moms who brought them.


JUNK said...


I'm not sure that light on walls works like that... the corners at least should be darker. Doesn't really apply here but there's rules for lighting walls and ceilings so the orientation is recognisable, btw.

The art itself is awesome though. Gunk~

Bao said...

I like this picture!

And yay speed racer