Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Touhou 4koma - Marisa+Nitori

So, the Touhou 11, "Subterranean Animism" demo is out. It has Marisa + Nitori, giving Marisa the power of SUPER SCIENCE. This is awesome.

The other 5 partnership options in the game are pretty much the standard obvious fandom ones, which kind of leaves me wondering if ZUN had thought of them originally or wound up adopting them as fanservice? I don't really care about that (beyond Nitori), but what is good is that the mechanics they have attached to them are fun (as opposed to balanced - it kind of feels like 6 different gameplay modes, it changes so much. Personally I prefer it this way). I should play 10 sometime, which I skipped over out of apathy...

Er, comic-wise - I actually like this for once. Probably because it has robots. I like robots. It took a bit longer than normal, but considering that its fairly detailed, and I just made up the designs and poses on the spot, it was pretty quick.

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Isaque said...

It looks really nice! This is definitely one of the higher quality ones you've done.

One thing that looks a bit off is the lack of trails from the missiles... to better show a sense of movement, you need to have trails going from the missiles all the way to the holes they launched from.

The shield panel is epic though!