Friday, September 9, 2011

MHP3 Jhen Bow Set

"Rough" version of my Jhen Bow Set lol.  MS Paint with a crappy mouse and 2 minutes during lunch break.  I'll clean it up and do a real version after dinner.

Cleaned version with armor details.  Wow Jhen armor is more complicated than I remember..

Decided to go with the gold ian bow cause I think it looks the best/most bow-like, and ditched the cat.

Here's the finished drawing!  Might add the cat back in later.  I know you are all in awe of how awesome that cat is. 

Huzzah for the Air Brush Tool!  Definitely gonna be using that more often. XD  Reposted as a png instead of a jpeg so less blurry this time. Background info: Helm is Load Up Piercing, chest, gloves, legs, and waste are all high rank Jhen.  I drew it with the Gold Rathian Bow.  Gives Focus, Load Up, Pierce Shot Up, and Reckless Abandon +3 (with a + RA charm).

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