Saturday, September 10, 2011

MHP3 Lancer

Continuing with my MHP3 binge.  I'll probably do at least one sketch for each weapon type.  Here's the one minute rough sketch with a mouse in paint.  She looks kinda SD, maybe I'll do her in SD style for fun.  Although I should probably try to keep my style consistent if I want to improve.. Better version after dinner!
Trying to swap to Gimp since apparently Paint Tool Sai isn't free and shuts down in 31 days (29 now!).  Having to learn the new interface sucked but I think I understand it now.  Took a while thou =p.  Also lance armor is pretty complicated so it took me a bit to get it sketched out in a way that I liked.  The Alateron lance itself was also annoying, trying to get those spikes to look right.  But anyway heres the completed rough sketch.  

Well it took a while but I finished coloring the armor.  Now its just the lance itself.  I also changed a bunch of the proportions around and cleaned it up some more.  Almost done now!

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