Thursday, September 8, 2011

Random MHP3 sketch and fail @ using Corel Painter

I don't understand Corel Painter at all.  Why does the eraser function not work...  shouldn't it just be select it then left click to erase?  Obviously I'm doing something wrong, or the user interface is all sorts of stupid, or I need sleep.  Or all three.  I also made the mistake of drawing using the Pencil function so the lines turned out too fat and without a working eraser I pretty much gave up in frustration halfway.  I think its time to swap to Gimp or Photoshop or back to Paint/Gale =p.  Or get some sleep.
My attempt at sketching my Magical Girl Hunting Horn set from MHP3.  All the armor pieces get full rainbow effect for maximum magical sparkliness!  And the HH itself does dragon damage and pretty much only has healing songs. =p  Gave up half way due to technical difficulties so I gave up on details and just did a really rough outline.  I'll export it to some other drawing program and finish/clean it up tomorrow I guess.  At least the tablet seems to work well.

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