Thursday, September 8, 2011

MHP3 Magical HH v2

Cleaned it up a bit and redid the proportions.  Looks much better than the old version imo =p.  It's alot easier to draw when you're not half asleep and can erase stuff.   I'll do the wings in more detail and maybe add color tomorrow.
And heres the completed drawing! 

Done in Paint Tool Sai as per Hawk's suggestion.  I colored the "rainbow" parts on separate layers and applied varying hue changes to get the frames for the animation (compiled in Gale).   Now in delicious magical rainbowy goodness!  This is basically what my MHP3 char looks like in this setup. :D  

Background info: High Rank Bug Helm, Butterfly Chest, Naru U Gloves, Guild Waist, and Guild Boots  (All full rainbow effect) with the Magical Wand HH (I forget what its really called, but its Dragon element and basically only has Healing Songs =p).  Gemmed for Flute, Force Out (shiny blue fist for extra magicaliness), and Perception.  So its a cool looking joke set. XD


Isaque said...

Sweet! You set a high standard with your first post though... I'll have to hustle.

wms said...

Technically its my 4th post =p. Ya I'm surprised it turned out so well since I haven't really done any drawing since high school. Still, lots of room for improvement. I think I'm getting the hang of this tablet thou. Although straight lines or long curved ones are still difficult.