Thursday, September 8, 2011

Random Sprite #1

Time to get some use out of this new Bamboo tablet now that Hawk configured it properly for me =p.

Haven't done anything art-y in years but I guess its as good as time as any to start practicing again. 

I've been playing around on Gale making sprites recently so I guess I'll post some of those first. 

Still working on the animation (hair/face) and details.  Also I can't tell if this will let me upload animated gifs... Ok apparently you can but you have to click on them.  ..Or not! (reposted with "original size" option)

Anyway this was a character in a game I was making before I got distracted.  I kept the clothes simple cause I wanted to work more on animation and less on details, and because I suck at clothes designs =p.  Made this before I got the tablet so hopefully things will be quicker now.  I wanted to do a male character because a) I generally don't draw people and b) when I do I rarely draw male characters.  So good practice all around.

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